Saturday, September 23, 2017

Bridal Hair Style

... hair by Rebekah Arndt
Hi, I'm Rebekah David Arndt! I specialize in Bridal, formal & special events hair design & styling! I've been a bride myself & know what you need. Thank you for checking out my blog of pictures! If you're in the North State, I am more than happy to get your hair looking picture perfect for your special day! This picture is ME! Circa 2011 ;-) The day I married the love of my life <3 enjoy the journey :) ~ Rebekah 

{in my ExPerience}
1. BEST PHOTOGRAPHER: {Heather Armstrong, my cousin}
2. Best north state wedding venue: {GOVER RANCH}
3. BEST DISC JOCKEY: {Paul David, my brother} 
4. Best Makeup Artist: {Chelsea Weld or Rachel McKnew}
5. BEST REALITOR: {Larry David, my dad 🙊}

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